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Enterprise Mission: people-oriented, quality first, sustainable operation.

The spirit of enterprise: integrity, pragmatic, innovation and development.

Mission: industry serve the country, to create value, serve the people and contribute to society.

Enterprise style: work stresses quality, economic stresses efficiency, principled work.

Business purposes: credibility first, quality first, prompt delivery, service satisfaction, integrity, and seek common development.

Business philosophy: the endless pursuit of excellence, advancing with a future.

Security concept: life is priceless, safe for the day; cherish life, concerned about security.

Talent concept: people their fitness, bit fit its people; meritocracy, meritocracy.

Marketing idea: to create value for customers, for enterprises to win friends.

Values: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work to create value is our life, realize the value of our eternal pursuit.

Staff motto: With the customer's success, only business success; success with companies, we have the success.

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