The new round of home support policies will benefit from new energy appliances

    Enterprises to accelerate layout

    2012 appliance market is expected before the low-high

    The China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Jiang Feng pointed out that household electrical appliance enterprises should not be too dependent on state subsidies, but also to strengthen management capacity and enhance their level, looking for their own development model, meanwhile, actively promote technological development and innovation, upgrade appliances technical level and international competitiveness of the industry.

    In fact, companies have long been on the policy aspects of the merchandise to be prepared, and test the water through technological innovation high-end market. With air conditioning, for example, after years of development, from fixed frequency to the frequency of the times, technology is basically the pattern of the whole industry focus on energy, environmental protection, quiet, health and other fields. Covering upstream and downstream industries such techniques layout has matured in recent years, the global economic slump, the industry urgently to the new technology as the core to enhance the industry value. Accordance with the "planning recommendations" requirement, "1025" period, the proportion of inverter air conditioners increased from less than 15% now to 50%.

    In addition, companies also actively introducing cloud computing and other information technology, including smart appliances, including high-end consumer market. It is reported that CHIGO yesterday launched a cloud full DC inverter air conditioner, the first cloud computing technology into the air conditioning industry, with mobile phones, computers and even television to achieve a seamless link that allows consumers to control the air conditioning anywhere.

    Jiang wind forecast, the home appliance market in 2012 will show a low to high before the development trend. Early 2012, because state subsidies have been the end of the appliance industry brought about by market overdraft policy will highlight the phenomenon, the market will stage a low ebb. But this overdraft phenomenon will disappear in the short term, will not have a big impact on the development of the industry. In addition, real estate regulatory factors, the European debt crisis will continue to affect the consumer electronics market in 2012. But late in 2012, while the follow-up policy will further stimulate consumption of home appliances, on the other hand protect the housing market pull effect will be reflected, affected appliance market will accelerate development.

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