Chongqing's fastest frequency smart appliances coming out next year will be...

Things is one of the hottest concepts of science and technology this year, and who it is who stained the fire, the home appliance industry is no exception. Prior to Haier, Little Swan has come up with their own things washing machine. Changhong, the United States also demonstrated at the Expo networking appliance solutions. The industry believes that companies compete to showcase appliance solutions based on intelligent network appliances, it is to fight for the right to speak of Things era.

    According to reporters from Chongqing Gree, Changhong, Little Swan, and other appliance manufacturers to understand the situation, the concept of product to market, but things began large-scale industrial appliances. Now almost all of the manufacturers are concerned about things, and some even have been long-term planning. For example, Haier has plans of Things technology for washing machines, color televisions, computers, mobile phones, water heaters and other products across the board. Changhong future networking products is possible to "smart home" concept to market, promote and proceed from residential property ......


The fastest on sale next year

The so-called good abrasion resistance, the manufacturers said the interview, although things have been kind of home appliances debut, but still the concept of products, from the sale is still a long way to go.

Cygnet, Gree and other stakeholders believe that the things they have to wait for next year to market the fastest. More industry sources, from the 3D TV, flat panel TVs and other products from concept to spread a large area of ​​the process to infer that such appliances market may have to wait two or three years.

Price than conventional appliances

By convention the home appliance industry, product stained with a new concept, the value will rise immediately, networking appliances naturally no exception.

Skyworth Chongqing official said: "Whether it implanted chip or added entertainment features, which will increase the cost of the product plus things and is a very fire concept, I believe the price of such appliances market would surely be higher than a traditional appliance. cut. As for the specific high number, is unclear. "

Things appliance industry describe new features

In addition to all the previously described new usage Things appliance, the yesterday interviewed manufacturers representatives also described to reporters some new flower head appliance after application of networking technology.

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