Electronics: usher in a new revolution

In addition to the triple play network construction and integration of functions, but to bring more electronic end product integration and innovation, including television, mobile phones, computers, improve other communication facilities, network technology and components, and other functions. The technology behind these, the most critical is the chip, integrated circuits and semiconductors. With the change of information communication technology for the above-mentioned demand for replacement cycle is shorter and shorter, the probability of these industry showed explosive growth will also increase.
In restructuring the industry, the next step for network communications and electronic appliances support will be particularly increased. First, the triple play technology and represents the future direction of change is not only life, but also through the new integration can accelerate the pace of industrial progress, and improve productivity. Secondly, the replacement of electronic components can be opportunities to integrate upstream and downstream industries, and be able to nurture new sunrise industries. Finally, include promoting 3G, LED and other products can be further improved consumption habits of residents, increase the marginal propensity to consume, and thus achieve the effect of investment-driven consumption.
We believe that the home appliance industry, LED this year, the new panel of large-scale promotion, will lead to re-layout the television industry, while the triple play will also promote information services industry to enhance performance.

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