Intelligent Control Research Institute, Chinese Academy of household...

According to the President of the Chinese Academy of household appliances Bing Xu Wei, at present, intelligent control UIS has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of domestic and foreign research institutes and leading chip manufacturers in the inverter air conditioner controller, intelligent home appliances controller, frequency to carry out all-round cooperation in the refrigerator controller chip localization and RFID radio frequency applications.

     Intelligent Control Institute Chen Jianmin said a long time, China's home appliance industry's image to the outside world are "manufacturing, technology small country." Chinese home appliance industry output is great, but the key control technology and chips can only be imported from abroad. Intelligent Control Research Institute is committed to enhance the technical level of China's home appliance industry, for mature, with chip technology and intelligent control technology proprietary to each appliance enterprises to promote change key technology is completely dependent on foreign manufacturers of passive situation.

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