Electronic manufacturing products electrical protection facing new challenges

Electronics manufacturing from the birth of the first day of this nightmare and products to electrical failure inseparable. Maybe just because of electrical failure on the PCB a transistor breakdown caused direct losses, but only a few cents, but once there is a problem of an electronic system error in flight, medical care and other environments, the loss is catastrophic! For ordinary consumer electronics manufacturers, they may not have to worry about catastrophic consequences, but in the highly competitive market, product quality and poor reliability, although consumers may be temporarily muddle, but bound to be out of the market outcome.

Decades of experience and an electrical failure of the contest, the electronics manufacturing industry has a general understanding of the main electrical failure mechanisms and how these issues are to be introduced in product design, manufacturing and production testing, some useful rules of thumb have also been It proved to be very effective, but because of the human nature of inertia and neglect, some basic knowledge and rules have to be repeated reminders and included in the production management system to be implemented. In addition, as technology advances and new materials, the electrical failure of the old problems still facing new challenges, such as high-density PCB board with low-voltage chip makes products in the production and testing will face even greater ESD (electrostatic discharge ) and EOS (electrical overstress) risk.

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