Appliance touch-screen control panel design of the new program

It is understood that currently there are a variety of touch-screen technology, such as resistive film sensing and field sensing, etc., each with its advantages and disadvantages. The most popular is the resistive film sensing sensing technology, its basic structure is two conductive resistance plates are separated by a space. A disadvantage of this sensor technology is that it depends on the elastic properties of the film sensing contact pressure to eliminate state. Elastic film will gradually weaken and thus cause the sensor can not be used. In the electric field sensing system via the antenna emits a weak electric field, and from the one or more receivers detect current changes. The actual system requires a plurality of transceivers, which will lead to increased cost-based electric field sensing system.

    Capacitance sensor is a very simple one pair of adjacent plates (electrodes). When a conductor (such as a finger) approaches these electrodes, between these electrodes and conductors will produce capacitors. The most common capacitive sensor array is a group of capacitance, one side of each capacitor to ground. Conductor appears to increase the capacitance between the switch and the ground, so only need to detect changes in capacitance can know which sensor has been activated.




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